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2001, 3:12 min, color, sound
An exploration in mood and tone, 1 is a delicate montage of image, music, and poetic language...
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Former East/Former West
1994, 65 min, color, sound
Shot in Berlin in 1992-93 after reunification, Former East/Former West is an essay about national identity in post-Cold War Germany...
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The Houses That Are Left
1991, 60 min, b&w and color, sound
The Houses That Are Left is a story of mortality, friendship, revenge, murder and the supernatural, as two friends come together to try to figure out how to live, while being besieged by malignant messages from the dead...
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Meet the People
1986, 16:32 min, color, sound
Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, truth and artifice, Meet the People presents fourteen 'characters' who face the camera in 'talking head' close-ups and speak about their lives and dreams...
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